Have you ever wanted fuller, darker and more prominent eyelashes??? If dramatic
eyelashes are on your wish list, Luv it Lash  is
your solution. Our certified eyelash artist are highly trained in applying eyelash
You will be treated with respect. Our friendly
team works hard to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied with every step of the

What are Semi- Permanent Eyelash Extensions???

Eyelash Extensions are an art form, in which each individual lash is lengthened with
precision to accomplish a customized look.  The semi-permanent lashes are single
strands that will be applied individually. At Luv it Lash, we tailor fit your extensions to
compliment the shape and beauty of your eyes. The process typically takes less than
two hours. Our staff members will offer guidance on creating the exact style you want.
If you prefer big, glamorous or simply natural looking lashes-- no one will know they
aren't yours.  So, toss that mascara, and wake up every day with Luv it Lash

What are the Advantages?

You can stop fighting with Mascara brush or lash curler every day! Everyday you will
have lustrous and thick eyelashes that you also participate in all your usual activities
without having to worry about touching up your mascara. After one visit, you will have
healthy, long and glamorous eyelashes that will bring out and brighten your eyes.

Application Process

After you select the eyelash style with your artist that is best for you, your eyelash
artist will apply the extensions quickly and carefully to your natural eyelash. Your new
eyelash extensions will move, look and feel like natural lashes, and they will remain
securely in place.

Follow-Up Appointments

Because eyelash extensions aren’t permanent, they wont last indefinitely. The
extension will shed with your natural eyelashes, and you’ll need to return occasional
refills. The timing will depend on the growing and shedding cycle of your lashes. If
you’re concerned about the longevity factor, a certified eyelash artist can offer advice
on getting the most from your new lashes and extending the time be
tween visits.

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